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Book 2

A nice study and reference book. Laura Lemay is solid! See what the readers say about it. I bought and used the 3.2 version and found it to be very useful.

Book 3

Important Note: The author  came out with a second very similar book. Here is its cover and links. I can't really recommend one over the other, but check at Amazon to see what the other readers thought.


HTML Reference Library. Excellent review of HTML syntax with examples. Requires Internet Explorer but fully supports Netscape. I frequently consult with this tool; beats grabbing for a book. Here is a mirror site which has useful information and a link to download sites. ( 3MB download. )

If you have trouble downloading it from here, go to TUCOWS and search for 'HTML Reference Library'.

HTML 4.0 On-Line Reference. This is a condensed version of the larger HTML Reference Library. You can view it here by clicking the icon on the left, or you can order it for yourself at Web Design Group, where various versions are available.