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I've been using CGI scripts for a while now and decided to convert my links to a script called DBMAN by Gossamer Threads. If you find this interesting, I'll explain what I've done.

Previously, my different categories were in an HTML table with JavaScript selection boxes. It became a chore to update the links because it's not easy to move around table cells. Also because of the JavaScript, I was maintaining a second version of this page for the benefit of non-Javascript users.

You probably know that all browsers can run CGI scripts since that function is provided by the web server. DBMAN seemed like an appropriate tool since I had experience with it developing a web site for my son's business where we display his product catalogs. DBMAN is quite simple in its approach and uses a plain data file supported by Perl/CGI software on the server.

I created a simple file in Microsoft Excel which contains a Category code, Web Site Name, URL, and Description in each record. Adding and removing links is all done in Excel, very, very easily. Then I export the Excel data to a text file which has the fields separated by the "|" character. I upload this to my server, and presto ... all the links change.

When you click on a specific category above, the script is instructed to retrieve just those records and display them 10 on a page, sorted by the name of the web site. The "Sam's Favorites" and "All" categories will display up to 100 per page, respectively, sorted by category. It's truly a piece of cake for me to add new sites and even new categories.

If you want to see what the current file on the server looks like, click here.

DBMAN is free for non-commercial use (like my site) and costs only $100 per location for commercial use.

You can see it in action if you go to my son's web site, Georgetown Card Exchange, and then click on one of the product categories, say Sports Card Products, and then do a search.