Welcome to Sam's Web Stop

My name is Sam Gerber and I'd like to invite you to my web stop. If you're a first-time visitor, there are lot of good ideas awaiting Sam at computeryou here.  If you've visited before, you've already noticed a lot of changes. I'll highlight them in a few moments and then you can go to any of the sections which interest you.

My primary goal is to provide a "Sampler" of many important aspects of web design. The material is rich with examples, hands-on exercises, and on-line tutorials borrowed from other sites, like Netscape's. You'll be exposed to many diverse topics at an overview level, but I'm sure the more experienced web designer will find new information here as well. You should leave here with good knowledge of what challenges face the web designer, how to deal with them, and where to go for more information.

Having worked with computers for a living for many years, I've taken up web design, partly as a hobby, but I have also designed several sites and was paid in U.S. currency for having fun. (Those sites are mentioned in my 'Sites to Visit' section).

I authored this site partly for the challenge of putting together a large project in any way I see fit, unshackled by what others want from me. But mostly, this site is intended to share with the beginning or moderately experienced web designer the learning curve I have faced. None of my material is painfully deep and you'll find many real-world examples in most of the topics. You have the freedom of course to view these topics as you please, or in the order I've listed them on the left, which to me is somewhat logical.

Many of my topics resulted from some struggles I've had to understand things I never could have imagined when I got started, like Javascript and CGI Scripts, Java applets, protecting directories by requiring password access, how to effectively deal with images using a graphics editing program, and for that matter, the value of a scanner and digital camera.

Before I send you on your way, please allow me to highlight some favorite parts of this site, which I hope will become your favorites as well.

Sites to Visit has been dramatically reworked to provide you with links I expect to be very helpful. Just a few are for fun but most relate to ways a web designer can get helpful information. Of particular interest, this topic was developed using a CGI script which operates upon a database and is available FREE for non-commercial use. It's clearly explained there. I plan to add many more links over the coming months.

Web Themes Samples should be very useful to you. It offers 67 different examples of web site coloring, with coordinated backgrounds, banners, buttons, rules, and fonts. You may find a suggestion there for your own personal site but it's an excellent way for the designer to get some idea of what their client likes, esthetically. I created a sample web page and show it in each of the 67 themes Microsoft provides in their FrontPage 2000 product. I originally password-protected this directory so that only I and a few colleagues could use it for our clients. Later, I relented and decided to offer it to anyone who visits here. It also shows you a real-world example of protecting a directory, as further explained in the topic Web Site Security.

New Version 1.3 Javascript Guide and Javascript Reference books from Netscape can now be read here on-line. If Javascript is important to you, you'll appreciate the convenience of having them readily available. You can download them from here as well. See Web Design [Javascript] topic or Reference Material [Javascript] topic to access the books.

A really nice HTML Reference Summary is available as well. You can read it here or download it. See Reference Material [HTML] to access this.

PC Considerations is very extensive and I do get into some detail on some of the topics. One reader found the part on printer switches so helpful he took the time to write to me to say thanks. So maybe you can just scan the items listed there; certainly I've got something there for most of you.

Contact Sam is an opportunity for you to give me feedback about things you like or don't like about Sam's Web Stop. I really would like to hear from you if you have an idea, or especially if you have found something to be particularly useful. Likewise, please call my attention to errors or omissions, broken links, and anything which should be changed. That would surely encourage me to continue to expand and improve this effort, and I promise I'll write back to each of you, if you require a response.

Thanks for reading this Introduction, I hope you enjoy your visit with me, and don't be shy about saying "hello".   Good luck with your web design efforts.     ........  Sam

This site was updated 09/20/05 by Sam Gerber, Philadelphia PA